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Our seaweed: your questions answered

SeaQuo® is powered by fucoidan-rich seaweed, bringing you scientifically backed health benefits such as immune and skin health. Here we have answered common questions surrounding our hero ingredient. 


What type of seaweed is in SeaQuo Immune?     

SeaQuo Immune contains Undaria pinnatifida, a species of brown seaweed used for medicinal and culinary purposes for hundreds of years. Native to Japan, Undaria was unintentionally introduced to Tasmanian waters about 30 years ago through the ballast waters of visiting vessels.   

Wild grown Undaria continues to be harvested from the pure waters of the east coast of Tasmania and is mostly found in sheltered reefs. Tasmanian Undaria is a rapidly renewable marine resource that is harvested in line with world’s best practice.      


What part of the seaweed do we use?     

Undaria pinnatifida seaweed has two key components: the leaf and the spore. Wakame is the leaf part of the plant and is widely used for a variety of culinary purposes. The ruffled-shaped spore, known as mekabu, is located at the base of the Undaria plant.     

SeaQuo Immune is powered by mekabu, which contains the highest concentration of fucoidan and is therefore highly effective for medicinal and therapeutic use.     


How is it harvested and processed?      

The Undaria seaweed used in SeaQuo Immune is hand-harvested in the pristine coastal waters of Tasmania by a team of experienced professional divers. To maximize fucoidan content, harvesting only takes place when the plant reaches the peak of its growth cycle, usually during springtime.    

Once harvested, the mekabu (spore) is separated from the wakame (leaves). The fresh seaweed is carefully air-dried and the dried mekabu is milled into a fine powder. It is then tested for purity and potency by Marinova at its world-class facility in Tasmania. The mekabu powder in SeaQuo Immune is certified organic, halal, kosher and non-GMO.