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About Us

About Us

Sara and Olivia founded SeaQuo® in 2020 after discovering the benefits of fucoidan contained in Tasmanian seaweed. SeaQuo® creates authentic, high quality supplements in the form of 100% Australian made and owned capsules that provide real, proven benefits.

After noticing the benefits of fucoidan themselves, Sara and Olivia began to investigate amongst their friends and family, offering samples of the product to try. The results spoke for themselves. Friends of Olivia's in their forties and fifties experienced benefits ranging from better digestive health to improvement in long standing ezcema conditions and allergies. Sara's friends in their mid-twenties noticed better energy levels, stronger immune systems and brighter, clearer skin.

Passionate about bringing the benefits of organic fucoidan-containing seaweed to everyone around them, the mother-daughter duo have enlisted experts in the field to bring you a product that will give you the benefits of immune support, anti-inflammatory properties and gut health.

The purpose of fucoidan in nature is to provide brown seaweed with protection from disease and environmental damage. Backed by years of scientific research across the world, the human benefits from fucoidan range from immune and digestive support, anti-ageing benefits, anti-inflammatory properties and cardiovascular health.