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Exploring the Health Benefits of Seaweed Supplements

Brown seaweed has been consumed for centuries in Japan, China and Korea, and used in traditional Asian medicine for its health-promoting properties. An increasing body of scientific research supports the benefits of fucoidan, a bioactive compound abundant in Undaria seaweed, and its positive effects on gut, skin and immune system health. SeaQuo Immune contains essential nutrients found in the seaweed, as well as zinc and vitamin C, to maintain overall health and wellbeing.

How is SeaQuo® Immune different from other seaweed supplements? 

SeaQuo Immune is made from Undaria pinnatifida seaweed spore (known as mekabu) which is hand-harvested by a team of professional divers from the pristine coastal waters of Tasmania, Australia. This ensures that only the highest quality seaweed is used in the supplement's production. The seaweed itself is a renewable marine resource due to its rapid growth rate which ensures that future generations can also benefit from this valuable resource. The harvested seaweed is then dried and milled into a fine powder using certified organic processes without the use of any solvents or harmful chemicals. Our seaweed: your questions answered dives into more details on our seaweed and the careful harvesting process which ensures that all essential nutrients and bioactive compounds, including fucoidan, are preserved in their most potent form. 



SeaQuo Immune seaweed supplement benefits your health in three key ways: 

1. Seaweed for your Immune System

Undaria pinnatifida seaweed spore is rich in fucoidan. The benefits of fucoidan supplements are ever-emerging. Fucoidan is best known for its immune-boosting properties, helping to support the body's natural defences. This bioactive compound has been shown to support innate and adaptive immune responses that help the immune system fight and protect the body.¹ By incorporating SeaQuo Immune seaweed supplement into your daily routine, you can give your immune system the support it needs to stay strong and resilient.

2. Seaweed Supports your Gut Health 

In addition to the immune-boosting benefits of fucoidan, it also plays a beneficial role in supporting gut health. The gut microbiome plays a vital role in overall health, influencing everything from digestion to immune function. Research has begun to reveal the role of fucoidan for gut health by nurturing gut bacteria and reducing inflammation.² ³ Diet and lifestyle can also promote a healthier gut. Here are four natural ways to improve gut health.

3. Seaweed Maintains Skin Health

Fucoidan’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties can improve the appearance of the skin and help counteract the damage caused by free radicals in the body. Therefore, it protects the skin from environmental aggressors and promotes a healthy appearance.

Embracing the power of seaweed supplements for a healthier you.

Unlock the health benefits of fucoidan-rich Australian seaweed with SeaQuo’s seaweed supplement. Incorporating SeaQuo Immune capsules into your daily rhythm can support your health and wellbeing by benefiting your gut, skin and immune system. 

We are excited to now offer a larger bottle size containing 180 capsules, enough for a 3-month supply. This means you can support your health and wellbeing long-term with the convenience of only needing to purchase a new bottle every three months. Experience the benefits of seaweed supplements containing fucoidan and feel the difference with SeaQuo Immune by purchasing your first bottle today.




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